If any of the following sound interesting to you, check out the “Upcoming Events” section on the home page, or follow our Facebook / WeChat to find out our next meeting time and location!



Bible Studies

Every week we gather together, catch up over dinner, and then read from the Bible and discuss its relevance to our lives. Afterwards we like to hang out, going out for dessert, gathering in homes, or having fun game times!


Special Talks

Have you ever wondered about things like whether science and religion are opposed to each other, whether there’s evidence for God’s existence, whether all religions are the same, or other topics like this? You’re not the only one! We like to give special talks on these common questions people have and provide meaningful answers to these issues.



We try to be a close community like the early church in Acts Chapter 2 of the Bible. We share day-to-day life with one another, hang out at each other’s homes, celebrate birthdays together, and go through life’s ups and downs together.