Bible Camp

This summer we're having a Bible camp with other international students from our different Southern California international student groups!  We'll learn about different parts of the Bible and have a fun memory-making time at our church retreat site in Big Bear!  If you want to sign up, respond to this email or let one of the staff members know.

  • What:  Bible Camp

  • When:  Friday (6/14) to Monday (6/17)

  • Where:  Sky Mountain Camp (near Big Bear)

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Douglas Chan
4Corners Friday

Hi everyone, we're having our Bible study this Friday at Revelle Formal Lounge as usual.  Afterward, since finals are coming we'll use the room for study hall the rest of the night (with snacks provided!), so bring your study materials!  Study hard this week, and hope to see you there!

  • What:  4Corners Friday + Study Hall

  • When:  Friday (6/7) @ 6:30p

  • Where:  Revelle Formal Lounge

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Douglas Chan
House Church

For our Sunday house church service we meet at one of our homes and start with some light cooking prep.  Then we sing praise songs together, have a Bible message, and eat the meal we prepared together!  If you’re interested, you can either contact us directly, on the website, or on WeChat / Facebook. Rides are at 11:15am for both on and off campus. Whether you're a Christian or not, we hope you can join us!

  • What:  House Church

  • When:  Sundays @ 11:15a (for rides)

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Sunday ServiceDouglas Chan